Update 5/11/2013

A few things I wanted to write about. # 1 this blog is no longer going to be about my short stories. I originally planned it as an initial publishing site for short stories with the idea of getting me writing again. Well, it worked and I finished the first draft of my first complete short story in quite some time. But I soon realized that I was not done with the script writing and with one of my best ideas in years, evolving as I write, I had to work on a script.

I am almost 5 pages into that script. My goal is 10 pages by the end of today, if not more. And I am considering posting the first 5 pages to wet your appetites. That will be the most you will see here as I plan to shop this around once complete and don’t want to give the ending away. (Okay, a few will see this as I get thoughts on it, but it will not be publicly posted here). I will also be posting the synopsis of the story a bit later.

At any rate…back to the screenplay. More to come.


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